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Emergency Numbers

If, during your visit, suffer some kind of Abuse or Discrimination, Communicate whit...


Tourist Ombudsman:

La Boca
Tel: (54 11) 4302 7816
Address: Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1835 (Museo Benito Q. Martín)
e-mail: turista@defensoria.org.ar

San Telmo
Tel.: (54 11) 15 4046 9682
Address: Defensa 1250
e-mail: turistasantelmo@defensoria.org.ar

Terminal de Cruceros
Tel.: (54 11) 15 4078 8654
Address: Av. Ramón S. Castillo and Av. Comodoro Py


Tourist Police Station

This police station headquarters receives any formal complaints from tourists in cases of offenses, thefts, petty steal, losses, whereabouts and failed meetings.
It also works on crime prevention. You can here also receive help in the case of extraordinary procedures before embassies or consulates.

You will get information from people speaking in English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Japanese.
Telephone: 0800 999 5000 / 4346 5748
Address: Avenida Corrientes 436
Mail: turista@policiafederal.gov.ar


Consumer Protection, Program of Tourist Assistance:

Foreign tourists can go to the offices of the "Dirección General de Defensa y Protección al Consumidor del Gobierno de la Ciudad (Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires) in order to solve problems as consumers.

Teléfono: 0800-999-2727
Mail: defensa@buenosaires.gov.ar


Information Gathered from Gobierno de la Ciudad


Buenos Aires: Phone (+54 911) 3765 1138 • info@andreasstylebarentals.com
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