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BA Neighborhoods

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 These Are the Areas Where You Would Like to Live in Buenos Aires!

 BELGRANO is a bit farther away, but anywhere close to the subway is a good option. With the green line of the subway just 30 minutes from end to end (to downtown or the Casa Rosada) you are always just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where you want to be. Very good connected with buses and the subway green line in Belgrano goes from Olleros station to Congreso de Tucumán station. Belgrano is a very large neighbourhood as well, but I would recommend close to the Juramento station. Right away you will find a nice plaza (La Redonda), surrounded by bars and restaurants, and how of a weekend arts and crafts fair. If you continue toward Libertador you will find another great park. The large Avenue Cabildo (the continuation of Santa Fe Ave.) with everything like banks, restaurants, bars, cinemas, all kind of shops and supermarkets.
There is a mix of old and new in this residential area of Buenos Aires there are many houses that date back to the turn of the century or beyond, so there is an abundance of architectural structures in the neighborhood, but at the same time, there are many new buildings from the past couple of decades. One of the prides of Buenos Aires (depending on which fan you are talking to) is the stadium of the River Plate Futbol Club in Nuñez. "El Monumental" has a capacity of over 70,000 people and hosts the home games of River Plate, as well as many big concerts such as U2 and Robbie Williams.

LAS CAÑITAS is the trendy part of town with great restaurants and nightlife. Frequented by actors, models, and "A" list people, you will find a variety of cuisines from Asian to Mediterranean to national dishes. Las Cañitas has a bit of everything. During the day there is high end shopping in the trendy stores, and a plentiful amount of coffee shops. With many modern buildings and lofts.
Luis María Campos avenue is the only avenue of the area so this is a quiet neighborhood making it ideal to live In. Flanked by the green line of the subway (a few blocks away). It also borders the polo fields and in minutes walking from Palermo forest, a huge park with lots of green grass to run around on. Las Cañitas is very special and there is plenty of activities to find in Las Canitas.

PALERMO  this big area is home to the famous "Bosques de Palermo" (Palermo Forest), the largest park system in Buenos Aires. Also nestled in this area are the zoo, botanical gardens, Japanese gardens, and tons of restaurants. There is a lot of shopping to be done in the area with Alto Palermo Shopping Mall headlining the way. Plaza Guemes, or Plaza Freud (Salguero and Charcas). República Dominicana Street is also very close, a split street with a nice green belt that runs through the middle, lined with coffee shops and ice cream parlors in addition to the night spots around.
PALERMO HOLLYWOOD - One of the trendiest parts of Buenos Aires. It is referred to as Hollywood for the number of TV and cinema producers that have settled down in the area. It concentrates a new generation of designers, bars, discos and restaurants. Fantastic restaurants, a down to earth atmosphere, and great places to hang out for the night define this area.
PALERMO SOHO - This is the area near Plaza Italia to the railroad tracks. Plaza Serrano is the central point for this vibrant area with a bohemian spirit. The area has a multitude of great restaurants with many cozy bars and hidden clubs. Vanguard designers define the shopping in the area with many great boutiques to be found.

RECOLETA is a popular destination for people visiting Buenos Aires. Because of this it houses many upscale stores, restaurants and boutiques. The name of the Recoleta district goes back to the beginning of the XVIII century when the recoletos monks settled down in the area. This residential district is famous for its French style buildings, large parks, exclusive fares, aristocratic bars and first rate restaurants. Recoleta is most widely known for the Recoleta cemetery, the home of famous sculptures and tombs where some of the most important national hereos of the Argentinean history, as Guillermo Brown, Dorrego or Eva Peron ("Evita") lie. The Plaza Alvear (also known as Plaza Francia) is a cultural center in which the Recoleta crafts fairs take place on the weekends and are a great place to find Argentine made goods and art. At the Recoleta Cultural Center, there are art exhibitions daily, and The National Art Museum presents important national & international art collections.
BARRIO NORTE this area is an extension of Recoleta. It is situated between Recoleta and Palermo and is a great neighborhood to live; quiet, residential, centrally located, and close to everything.

PUERTO MADERO If you want to pay for the safest and the most expensive neighborhood in Buenos Aires, you can choose Puerto Madero. It is located next to the ecological reserve, a huge park that has two entries on the two extremes of Puerto Madero. One is "Dársena Norte", the other is "Dársena Sur" which is close to the Lola Mora Fountain (check it out, it is a beautiful zone). There is a walkway along the channel lined with great restaurants and bars and some nightlife. It is 10 minutes walking from Plaza San Martin, and the Casa Rosada to the other side. It was created at the end of the 19th century as the city's main port, while most of the buildings were built in the first 10 years of the 1900's. The port was the main active port for Buenos Aires for a little over 20 years, but after 1930 the port began to decline. The area was all but abandoned for over 50 years until the rejuvination in the 1990's. The area combines the look of the 19th century docks and warehouses with modern, state-of-the-art architecture.

PLAZA SAN MARTIN this is the heart of Buenos Aires. Plaza San Martin is a historical area located beside downtown with the village in Recoleta 8 blocks away with plenty of nightlife, shopping, and restaurants. Puerto Madero is just a 5 minute taxi ride away. The A line of the subway is just 2 blocks away with many bus lines within a few blocks. There are supermarkets and all sorts of services within blocks. The city is easily accessed from this location. These streets have numerous representative buildings of Buenos Aires and retain their history as postcards from a golden age. San Martin Square is surrounded by ancient trees and ornamental buildings, and takes the hand of the famous Florida Street.


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